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Quantity Item Code Description Price Comments
C-WCH Whole Chicken (frozen) 3.30/lb  
C-CUT Chicken (cut up) 3.55/lb  
C-BCB Boneless Chicken Breast 8.80/lb OUT
C-LEQ Chicken Leg Quarters 3.55/lb  
C-WIN Chicken Wings 2.35/lb  
C-STO Chicken Stock 1.75/lb  
C-LGH Chicken Liver, Giblets, Heart 2.25/lb  
C-EGG Eggs 3.75/doz  
T-TUR Turkey 3.30/lb  
P-PBU Pork Burger 5.35/lb 2 lb pkg
P-SSA-I Seasoned Sausage - Italian 5.20/lb  
P-SSA-C Seasoned Sausage - Cajun 5.20/lb  
P-SSA-B Seasoned Sausage - Breakfast 5.20/lb  
P-USA Unseasoned Sausage 4.55/lb  
P-PCH Pork Chops 7.95/lb  
P-PTE Pork Tenderloin 12.75/lb Catfish Tender
P-BCH Butterfly Chops 8.95/lb  
P-LRO Loin Roast 8.35/lb  
P-SPR Spare Ribs 6.75/lb  
P-BAC Bacon 9.75/lb No nitrite
P-HST Ham Steak 6.75/lb No nitrite
P-HRO Ham Roast 6.00/lb No nitrite
B-BRI Beef Brisket 6.45/lb  
B-RRO Rump Roast 6.00/lb  
B-CST Cubed Steak 6.00/lb  
B-CHR Chuck Roast 6.00/lb  
B-STI Sirloin Tip 6.00/lb  
B-HOR Heel of Round 6.00/lb  
B-FIL Fillet 21.00/lb  
B-POH Porter House 14.75/lb  
B-FST Flank Steak 12.50/lb  
B-RES Rib-eye Steak 14.25/lb  
B-TBO T-bone Steak 12.50/lb  
B-NYS New York Strip Steak 12.50/lb  
B-SST Sirloin Steak 9.00/lb  
B-STB Stew beef 6.00/lb  
B-GRB Ground Beef 6.00/lb  
B-SOB Soup Bones 3.40/lb  
B-LHT Liver, Heart, Tongue 3.00/lb  
B-BSR Beef Short Ribs 4.00/lb  
B-BP1 1/4 LB Beef Patties 6.45/pkg 1 lb pkg
B-BP2 1/4 LB Beef Patties 12.00/pkg 2 lb pkg
D-RM-1G Raw Milk - gallon 7.00/gal  
D-RM-1/2G Raw Milk - ½ gallon 4.00/½ gal  
D-RCR-QT Raw Cream 15.00/qt  
D-RCR-PT Raw Cream 8.00/pt  
D-RSC Raw Sour Cream 5.00/pkg 8 oz pkg
D-RYO Raw Yogurt 7.75/qt  
D-RKE Raw Kefir 7.75/qt  
D-RMB-1LB Raw Milk Butter - 1 lb pkg 13.75/pkg  
D-RMB-1/2LB Raw Milk Butter - ½ lb pkg 7.75/pkg  
D-PAB Pasteurized Butter 5.00/lb  
D-YOG-CH Yogurt 9.00/lb  
D-MJA-CH Monterey Jack 9.00/lb  
D-BSW-CH Baby Swiss 9.00/lb  
D-COL-CH Colby 9.00/lb  
D-CHE-CH Cheddar 9.00/lb  
D-ITS-CH Italian Spice 9.00/lb  
D-CHB-CH Chive Blend 9.00/lb  
D-PJA-CH Pepper Jack 9.00/lb  
D-OBL-CH Onion Blend 9.00/lb  
D-GHE-CH Garden Herb 9.00/lb  
D-TGA-CH Toasted Garlic 9.00/lb  
M-ENWH Egg Noodles - White 6.00/lb  
M-ENWW Egg Noodles - Whole wheat 6.00/lb  
M-ENRF Egg Noodles - Brown rice 8.00/lb  
M-MSY-QT Maple Syrup /qt OUT
M-MSY-PT Maple Syrup /pt OUT
M-RHO-QT Raw Honey 12.00/qt  
M-RHO-PT Raw Honey 7.00/pt  
M-SKT-G Saurkraut - Green 9.50/pt  
M-SKT-R Saurkraut - Red 9.50/pt  
M-FMV Fermented Mixed Vegetables 9.95/pt  
M-KIM Kimchi 9.95/pt  
M-FCLO Fermented Cod Liver Oil 37.50/jar 118 servings
M-COCO Coconut Oil 19.75/jar 26 oz jar
M-SFCB Wholesome Home Cooking Cookbook 19.50/ea  

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